What Drives Us


The way people move and interact with their environment has changed fundamentally. At Edropify, we want to help people move around places - airports, shopping malls and metro stations safely and with confidence. We’re proud to have come up within such a short span of time a complete range of smart products to help people re-enter public spaces, and get where they need to be.

Towards a Future

At Edropify, safety is our top priority every day of the year. We design and engineer products needed for a smart urban future. As the world reopens, our products aim to help people navigate public spaces with confidence – make buildings and cities safer and healthier places to live, work and commute. From advanced solar UV light ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizer to ultraviolet sterilizer germicidal lamps to simple yet effective 3-layer face masks, we are committed to making the lives of people and the communities they live in healthier and safer.

Innovation Takes the Center Stage


We are excited to make a contribution to keep society running, help customers prepare for the uncertainty of a post COVID-19 era. At Edropify, innovation is part of our DNA and every one onboard our team plays a key role to ensure quality, deliver top-notch customer experience, and ensure maximum safety of our customers, partners and employees.

From health and safety to traceability and breakthrough shopping experiences, Edropify aims to leverage cutting-edge technology to become a future-ready retail organization.

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